Find Log4j with SaltProject and Everything

Another day, another Log4j patch to apply. When I first learned about CVE-2021-44228 I was terrified. I have been working in IT for 15 years and one thing I’ve learned in my org is you can’t throw a rock in IT without hitting a derelict java app somewhere. They’re everywhere. And even if you think … Continue reading “Find Log4j with SaltProject and Everything”

Enable Remote Work with Ordig and WireGuard VPN for Windows

Ordig is a system that enables sysadmins to get WireGuard VPN up and running in their environment quickly. Ordig automates the installation process on both the VPN server and windows clients. Necessity is the mother of invention. Ordig was created to promote social isolation in response to COVID-19. I don’t want my colleagues showing up … Continue reading “Enable Remote Work with Ordig and WireGuard VPN for Windows”

Seize the opportunity of failure – conduct a Blameless Postmortem

When failure happens we are often quick to just fix the issue and move on. After all, failure is inevitable. If people didn’t fail at things, all of us would be out of a job. I’m a firm believer that there is no substitute for experience. But that doesn’t mean experience is the only way … Continue reading “Seize the opportunity of failure – conduct a Blameless Postmortem”

Finding Phish in Office 365

Imagine this scenario. Your logs show A dozen accounts logging in from the same unknown source IP with the same user agent on the same day. This activity is not normal for this group of people. You know you have a compromise on your hands. So you do what needs to be done and you … Continue reading “Finding Phish in Office 365”