Properly configuring Google Meet

Every school district I talk to is struggling to reign in overly permissive conferencing software. We are trying to lock down the creative ways that students find to abuse them that adults never have because they tend to want to keep their jobs. Students have much more palatable consequences :p Chris Thomas did a great … Continue reading “Properly configuring Google Meet”

Talking to the Zoom API using Powershell (or your favorite language)

This will be a quick post for folks who are finding out that Zoom has extremely limited capabilities to do things in bulk in the admin console. Want to delete 20 users? You’ll be clicking individually, then clicking dialogs that have fade in and fade out visual effects making it take 5 seconds or more … Continue reading “Talking to the Zoom API using Powershell (or your favorite language)”

How Zoom failed to understand K-12 education

I know that Zoom has received a lot of criticism lately around their security and privacy failures. This has been a polarizing issue where those who love the platform are almost ignoring the issues while those who don’t like Zoom can’t seem to appreciate the things they do well. This post isn’t about those concerns … Continue reading “How Zoom failed to understand K-12 education”