Enable Remote Work with Ordig and WireGuard VPN for Windows

Ordig is a system that enables sysadmins to get WireGuard VPN up and running in their environment quickly. Ordig automates the installation process on both the VPN server and windows clients. Necessity is the mother of invention. Ordig was created to promote social isolation in response to COVID-19. I don’t want my colleagues showing up … Continue reading “Enable Remote Work with Ordig and WireGuard VPN for Windows”

Improving Windows Defender Update Efficacy

Today we’re going to talk about the best (and worst) methods for Windows Defender definition/intelligence updates and how to configure them. This post from SwiftOnSecurity got me thinking about the way we handle our fallback for definition/intelligence updates, and while I was originally planning on a broader coverage of things like exclusions and other policy … Continue reading “Improving Windows Defender Update Efficacy”