Using to protect your school district

A huge shout out to Eric Arline for raising awareness on this. I had heard Shodan provided free accounts to education, but I was always under the impression it was higher education only. Next thing I know, Harold Gale was nice enough to ask the following: So, let’s talk about Shodan Monitor If you aren’t … Continue reading “Using to protect your school district”

Using transport rules as a security tool (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of our series on using transport rules as a security tool. Previous articles are linked in the table below: Part 1 – Setting up the mailboxPart 2 – It’s all about those transport rulesPart 3 – Reducing the haystack (you are here) Refining transport rules Hopefully you aren’t like me with … Continue reading “Using transport rules as a security tool (Part 3)”